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I have been honoured with the reviews of 2 friends who have read Alkalise Me. They journeyed with me and witnessed my experience.


I “met” Sharon on a diabetes forum and was fascinating by her story of her reversal of diabetes through an alkaline diet, so I was excited to read her book when published. It did not disappoint, and I have been using some of her suggestions to pay attention to the acid/alkaline balance of foods that I eat, as I realize they have a lot of impact on diabetes and health in general. I was treating my own diabetes with a different book originally, and it was not lost on me that the choices that book had me making were also more alkaline, which is what Sharon was advocating from her experience.

The only reason this book did not get 5 stars is that the book refers to blood glucose levels throughout in mmol/L (UK standard). As an American, we use mg/dl (US standard) and it made total sense that Sharon (in the UK) used those numbers that were familiar to her, and I would’ve done the same with US #s if I was writing a book. While I often understood from context that a number she referred to was very high or very low, I did not fully understand the impact at times as to what they meant. It wasn’t until I found a list online to compare the two and pasted a label inside the book with the conversion so I could refer back to it, that I really got the full benefit of the book. If this book is ever reissued, I’d suggest having a conversion table to make it more understandable for those still using mg/dl values.

I do recommend the book for a better understanding of how powerful food is related to diabetes.

Sue Mariconda, Seattle WA


I have known Sharon for several years, and have read the blogs she wrote while she was experimenting with her new diet. This diet has reversed her diabetes, and she has wonderful control and very good health now. Many type 1 and type 2 diabetics, as well as non diabetics, have used this diet, and have been very successful with it. Sharon is a very good writer/author, and I highly reccomend her book to anyone who is interested.

Richard Vaughn –  Author of  ‘Beating The Odds: 64 Years of Diabetes Health’

I would be honoured if you wish to share your comments too!


Sharon Jones – Author of ”Alkalise Me, How I reversed diabetes in 5 weeks”



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