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The diabetes I developed was a bit of a mystery , although looking back stresses had taken their toll over the years. (divorce etc)
it was definitely an immune response that caused it, I had spent a couple of years unable to eat anything except brown rice, broccoli and onions. anything else made me quite poorly,  I developed severe headaches and for some reason would be totally exhausted after taking anything that didn’t agree with me, even herbal teas!

Acupuncture helped me get out of that period of toxication and I lived and ate normally for a few years after that, until the Diabetes reared its head 6 years later.

Long periods of stress (work related this time) and I was feeling those signs of exhaustion again. at first I thought I was just tired from my work load, so I delegated some of my work and was still exhausted. I couldn’t understand why I was totally lacking in energy, and boy could I eat some food!

In the winter prior to diagnosis I wasn’t sleeping at night, I had very noisy neighbours who thought it was their right to have all night parties in the apartment next door! I felt stressed with this situation and the partying only got more frequent and louder with my complaints.

I started to feel my heart ‘jumping out of my chest’, I thought this was stress related. It wasn’t. It was my heart struggling with high blood sugars!

I was soooooo hungry! I could eat several extra meals each day, eating colossal amounts of food and not put on a single pound in weight!

Apparently the hunger is typical, and many un-diagnosed Diabetics lose a lot of weight before the disease is detected, I was compensating by eating more.

Using the bathroom a lot more is common too, as you need to pee more, a lot more. This was something else that kept me awake at nights too!

I was receiving treatments of Bowen technique in an effort to overcome the tiredness that I couldn’t shake off, after 4 treatments I was feeling no better. This was unusual for me as I normally respond very well to holistic therapies.

I went for a blood test to see what was going on.

I got called back into the doctor’s office the same day that they had drawn blood for testing. I was told that my blood sugars were high.

Once I got over the shock of the diagnosis of Diabetes I was put on Metformin, I didn’t get along with metformin at all. Apparently the nausea I experienced is normal and loose bowels too, but needing to plan your life around bathroom stops was not fun I can tell you!

My blood sugars refused to come down with Metformin so the specialist put me on Gliclizide. Well lets just say I just felt worse and went downhill from there! Dizziness, headaches…i got most of the side effects from these drugs, and my blood sugars didn’t budge!

Finally my specialist put me on insulin therapy. Taking 4 shots per day (3 for meals and 1 for body function like hormones etc) .

In the next couple of weeks my blood sugars came back into normal ranges and I experienced a surge of new-found energy! Now I was going out for long walks each day before work which I had read would help me to control my blood sugars.

After joining some online Diabetes community forums which were really helpful. I learned how to match my insulin to my food better, also how to manage insulin overall. Which foods would impact my blood sugars most and which ones I could eat freely. The information was invaluable in getting me well and truly on track to great diabetes management.

My HbA1c’s were consistently very good. 9.8% at diagnosis, then 6.8% after 6 weeks on insulin, and down to 5.7% for the following 3 years.

When I met JB, my Naturopathic practitioner, he told me amazing stories of how people were reversing cancer just by eating a diet of fresh green vegetables and other alkalizing foods.

I had heard, years ago, about a macro-biotic diet that cancer patients had success with in conjunction with meditation and positive thinking, so the concept of the alkaline diet wasn’t a new one.

Trying the Alkaline diet was an experiment to see what it would do for me (on any level), I blogged my way on the diabetes forums and very quickly noticed a huge change in my insulin requirements.

The blog was the basis for the book that I wrote afterwards and ‘Alkalise Me’ was born!

At the time of writing this I have been eating mainly alkaline since then and enjoy really great diabetes control as long as I stick to this way of eating.

I recommend the Alkaline diet as a really great way to manage Diabetes control….naturally!

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