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I have heard of many different reasons why eating an Alkaline diet is beneficial, and many different reasons why people choose to eat this way.

I chose it as an experiment to see what  would happen.

I happen to have been diagnosed with Diabetes 5 years ago when I was aged 38. No real reason for it to develop, I mean I have never been overweight, I always ate what I believed to be a ‘balanced diet’. Even so,  I was so exhausted at the time of diagnosis and my eyesight was so blurred, frequent visits to the loo, a mammoth appetite and insomnia all summed up to Diabetes.

Being treated properly was key to getting on top of the disease, Diabetes we are told, has no cure, it is progressive. But I just had an internal ‘knowing’ that I would break through those barriers, and that one day I would no longer need medication.

During the last couple of years that I have been experimenting with the Alkaline diet, my friends have also tried out the diet, and friends of friends have tried it. And amazing as it is, the Alkaline diet seems to be working for most of the inflammatory diseases like Arthritis, Fibro Myalgia, Cancer, also High Cholesterol appears to be reduced when on this diet even though the person was eating relatively high plant fats and oils. My own cholesterol levels dropped from 4.5 to 3.8 in just a few weeks!

So all in all I prefer to eat alkaline because it helps control my diabetes, and I don’t have a need for Statins thanks very much!

So I thought a little poll would be in order, answer honestly now 😉

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A common question when the alkaline diet is mentioned is “how do I measure my pH?” and, “What should my readings be?”

The pH of your body is a good barometer for your internal and overall health.

The pH scale varies from 0 to 14, 0 is acid and 14 is alkaline, with 7 being neutral. The human body should have a pH of around 7.3.

When I first tested my own pH level I had a reading of 5.0 which is rather acidic, my practitioner (JB) said he has seen pH4.0 and lower in clients who have cancer. Ironically once these clients changed the PH levels up to between neutral 7.0 or slightly alkaline 7.5 the tumours mysteriously disappeared!

This was the knowledge that encouraged me to experiment with the pH diet in the first place, and within 10 days my pH had risen up to 6.5. I was taking sodium bicarbonate alongside the diet which I believe boosted the effects of the diet and possibly the reason why I saw such amazing results in such a short space of time.

Testing the pH is simple and can be done with either Litmus paper or pH test strips (for saliva and urine) which are now readily available.

Saliva testing should ideally be done first thing in the morning, before you brush your teeth, and before you eat or drink anything. Place the test strip or paper inside your mouth against the cheek where the salivary ducts are, then compare your results with your chart.

Urine testing can be done at anytime but the most accurate results are from the 2nd urine flow of the day. Allow some urine to flow before holding the test strip in the flow then compare your results with your chart.

Both saliva and Urine should reveal pH results between 6.5 and 7.3

For optimum health a diet rich in fresh unprocessed foods is key, minimise foods that contain dairy, meat, fish and processed glutinous flours. Choose instead lots of fresh green vegetables, drink lemon water, miso and herb teas.

Help your body by making it more pH neutral, it will reward you with better health!

test strips

Test strips suitable for saliva and urine

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The question ‘How does an alkaline diet work?’ was raised recently by one of our readers.

Imagine the cells of your body are floating around in a fluid and when they are healthy the cells are able to function properly as they were designed to do. Now imagine that the fluid has become polluted for some reason, what would happen to your poor cells trying hard to function in polluted fluid. They become stressed and start to misbehave. If we continue to ignore the early signs that there is pollution or an imbalance then we can end up developing diseases like Diabetes and Cancer.

The ‘pollution’ we speak of is typically caused by stress [whether that’s emotional, physical, or trauma], consuming a standard western diet [high in processed foods], environmental [such as factory, traffic, or crop spraying], there are a wide variety of reason why our bodies become stressed, I have only listed some obvious ones.

Changing our diet to include alkaline foods or foods that have an alkalising effect does have a positive effect on our bodies. A little at first and then more as you keep on with it. Just imagine that in order to change the water in a fish pond you must change the water a little at a time until it is all fresh and healthy.

Checking our pH levels regularly helps us to keep an eye on the condition of the cells of our body.

The alkaline diet is not just a ‘diet’, it is not a ‘quick fix’, you cant expect to go back to eating poor food choices again after only 2 weeks.

The alkaline diet is a lifestyle choice, if you wish to see long term results for your condition (whatever it is, not just Diabetes or Cancer) you would be well advised to adopt this way for the long term.

And it is delicious! I mean eating fresh wholesome green Vegetables and small quantities of alkalising grains which make up 80% of your diet takes some getting used to initially, but you can team it up with your small portions of your 20% to break it up a bit. All I would advise is that you eat food that is as close to how nature made it. Processed foods are not advised.

Start with changing one meal per day, perhaps an awesome Green Smoothie for breakfast to start the day!

Green Smoothie

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Blood sugar control in diabetes can be notoriously difficult. You check your levels before you go to bed and they read ‘perfect’, then when you wake up after a perfect nights sleep they are 10mmols [180mg/l] for no reason!

You carefully and diligently monitor everything you eat each day but your blood sugars are never the same twice even if you ate the same thing each meal. High one day, low the next. Why?

It’s the hormones dear! Those little tykes are running your body when you aren’t looking, and they get upset very easily, I mean it doesn’t take much to unbalance our system does it? You throw stress into the pot and voila! you have unruly blood sugars again!

Stress busting can really help you to sort out those blood sugars, there are lots of different ways to get on top of stress, try Yoga, Walking, and EFT (emotional frequency technique), and for goodness sake people turn OFF that television!

Switch your diet for one that is at least 90% alkalising and you will see a huge difference in your blood sugar levels within a few days. Typically it takes around 4 days to see reductions in high fasting numbers, but seeing those reductions is such a boost and gives you the incentive to carry on the good work. And you see a difference in your daytime numbers within a couple of days too.

Go on! give it a try! What have you got to lose?

Yoga for perfect health

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If we are truly honest with ourselves we know that what we eat may not be good for us. The difficulty is in giving up the foods that we are addicted to, I mean they just taste so good don’t they? Fats, sugars and processed carbohydrates are actually quite addictive yet they are so harmful.

The human body gets choked up when it is asked to deal with such large amounts of toxins over such a prolonged time, the outcome is that the body becomes sick and tired, literally!

If we really understood what these tasty processed morsels are doing to or bodies we may just re-think that moment that we are tempted to eat them.

Did you eat any of the following today?

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I am excited to announce that Alkalise Me has now been released in e-book formats.

To read it today go to Smashwords  and choose which format you wish to download, its as easy as that!

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Alkalise Me

How I Reversed Diabetes in Five Weeks      By Sharon D. Jones

  • Published: May 2011
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 108
  • Size: 5×8
  • ISBN: 9781456777159

About the Book

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases of modern Man. Following diagnosis of Diabetes at 38 years old Sharon D. Jones was driven by an inquisitive nature and the desire to control the incurable disease she was now faced with. She set out to educate herself about Diabetes management and shared her discoveries on the way. Her personal journey and self experiments led her to an exciting discovery……Diabetes CAN be reversed and even prevented from developing. Sharon’s journey in Alkalise Me is nothing short of a Miracle, you will feel inspired by the sheer determination of this woman to beat ‘the unbeatable’.

About the Author

Sharon served for six years in the British Army as a member of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps. At the age of 38 she was diagnosed as being diabetic and for the next three and a half years self administered insulin several times each day via an insulin pump. Sharon had always maintained a balanced healthy diet from childhood, and her Body Mass Index was average from a very young age. In June 2009, when the opportunity arose to challenge the accepted view that diabetes was an irreversible condition, she applied the same nursing dedication and discipline to her own condition and pursued a dietary regime and lifestyle change that resulted, within five weeks, in the removal of the pump and no further insulin or drug requirements. Whilst the tenacity, determination and speed with which she made those changes may be beyond many people without the benefit of her nursing experience, within the first month she managed to prove to her own satisfaction that it could be done and maintained. After eighteen months she is still insulin and drug independent. Those diabetics who read this book can embark on the same journey confident that they can achieve the same results although they might prefer to proceed at a slower, more cautious rate by building on her experiences and thus avoiding some of the pitfalls and mistakes that she made and are described in this account.

Now available as: Paperback and Kindle

from : Authorhouse, Amazon and major bookstores

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