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I have heard of many different reasons why eating an Alkaline diet is beneficial, and many different reasons why people choose to eat this way.

I chose it as an experiment to see what  would happen.

I happen to have been diagnosed with Diabetes 5 years ago when I was aged 38. No real reason for it to develop, I mean I have never been overweight, I always ate what I believed to be a ‘balanced diet’. Even so,  I was so exhausted at the time of diagnosis and my eyesight was so blurred, frequent visits to the loo, a mammoth appetite and insomnia all summed up to Diabetes.

Being treated properly was key to getting on top of the disease, Diabetes we are told, has no cure, it is progressive. But I just had an internal ‘knowing’ that I would break through those barriers, and that one day I would no longer need medication.

During the last couple of years that I have been experimenting with the Alkaline diet, my friends have also tried out the diet, and friends of friends have tried it. And amazing as it is, the Alkaline diet seems to be working for most of the inflammatory diseases like Arthritis, Fibro Myalgia, Cancer, also High Cholesterol appears to be reduced when on this diet even though the person was eating relatively high plant fats and oils. My own cholesterol levels dropped from 4.5 to 3.8 in just a few weeks!

So all in all I prefer to eat alkaline because it helps control my diabetes, and I don’t have a need for Statins thanks very much!

So I thought a little poll would be in order, answer honestly now 😉

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Blood sugar control in diabetes can be notoriously difficult. You check your levels before you go to bed and they read ‘perfect’, then when you wake up after a perfect nights sleep they are 10mmols [180mg/l] for no reason!

You carefully and diligently monitor everything you eat each day but your blood sugars are never the same twice even if you ate the same thing each meal. High one day, low the next. Why?

It’s the hormones dear! Those little tykes are running your body when you aren’t looking, and they get upset very easily, I mean it doesn’t take much to unbalance our system does it? You throw stress into the pot and voila! you have unruly blood sugars again!

Stress busting can really help you to sort out those blood sugars, there are lots of different ways to get on top of stress, try Yoga, Walking, and EFT (emotional frequency technique), and for goodness sake people turn OFF that television!

Switch your diet for one that is at least 90% alkalising and you will see a huge difference in your blood sugar levels within a few days. Typically it takes around 4 days to see reductions in high fasting numbers, but seeing those reductions is such a boost and gives you the incentive to carry on the good work. And you see a difference in your daytime numbers within a couple of days too.

Go on! give it a try! What have you got to lose?

Yoga for perfect health

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In Europe it is referred to as Bicarbonate of Soda, and in North America it is known as Baking soda. Whatever it is called on your supermarket shelves always check it has only Sodium Bicarbonate in it.

Bicarb of Soda is found naturally in the body [wiki quote] “where it serves to neutralize the acidity of hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach, and excreted into the duodenum of the small intestine via the bile duct”

Now this neutralizing of stomach acid is just one of the reasons why Bicarb is so useful in balancing our acid/alkaline levels in the body.

Bicarb works on balancing the acidic phase our body goes through overnight (according to chinese medicine) I think this is of particular interest in Diabetes when a morning rise in blood sugars occurs known as Dawn Phenomenon.

At bedtime each night, allowing at least 3 hours after your last meal or snack, take half a teaspoon of Bicarb dissolved in half a glass of water and after swishing around the mouth it is swallowed.

If you find that your last meal was too close to bedtime then taking your bicarb when you wake during the night or first thing in the morning is beneficial too. Just be sure to allow at least 1 hour before eating any food if you take it first thing as it will neutralise your stomach acids and digestion would be impossible. – Trust me this is very uncomfortable if you try and take bicarb and food too close together and your food just lies undigested in the bottom of your stomach!

In the weeks before I began eating alkaline, Hubby and I started taking bicarb. our pH levels were significantly much better after only 10 days.

The benefits of bicarb are without number, I have read blogs and forum posts about people having positive results for all sorts of conditions, from Indigestion to Gout, there is no question in my mind that bicarb is beneficial in indirectly reducing inflammation. When we think inflammatory we probably think about arthritis, but other inflammatory diseases include Fibro-Myalgia, Cancer, High Cholesterol, Diabetes.

Teamed up with a diet that is high in Alkalising fresh produce we can really reduce pain and inflammation in our bodies.

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Bicarbonate of Soda

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